Victor E. Woods – Vice Chairman

Elected in 2015 as vice chairman, Victor E. Woods is now serving his second term in office, having previously served as a councilman in 2011.

Previously as councilman, his areas of responsibilities included working with Tribal Security, Viejas Fire Department, All Mission Indian Housing Authority (AMIHA), Internet gaming and political affairs. He returned to office to continue the good work he started. As vice chairman, his focus is on the Viejas business enterprises and the health and welfare of the growing Viejas tribal community.

Vice Chairman Woods comes from a long line of family committed to serving their community and he continues in this proud tradition. His father, cousin and great uncle served terms as chairman, and several of his family members have held various positions on Tribal Council. He spent his early childhood on the Viejas Reservation and has fond memories of family gatherings, community events and bonding with family members.

Upon securing employment off the reservation, Woods’ father relocated the family to north San Diego County. However, the family maintained close ties to friends and family within the Viejas tribal community and on the reservation.

After graduation from high school, Woods worked several years at a 5-star resort in Northern San Diego County, affording him exposure to travelers from around the world. His hard work and exceptional customer service, allowed him to advance in his position.

In the late 1980’s, Woods relocated back to the reservation to live. Upon Viejas opening the then, Viejas Turf Club, he found employment in the Food & Beverage Department, applying skills he acquired during previous employment to his new position.

In the years leading up to taking office, vice chairman Woods worked on realizing personal and professional goals, fulfilling a life-long dream of traveling extensively to learn about new cultures. Every time he returned home, Woods relished in the uniqueness of life on the reservation which motivating him to give back to his community once again. He served on several committees, including Enrollment, Wellness, Housing, Finance and Hotel committees.

In his spare time, Woods continues to pursue his passion for travel and spending as much time as possible with his family, as well as the Viejas community.