Samuel Q. Brown – Treasurer


Samuel Q. Brown was elected in 2011 as the Viejas Tribal Treasurer, this represents his third term in office. As Tribal Treasurer, he oversees tribal finances, coordinates tribal business and governmental budgets, and all income and expenses. He also represents the tribe in the pursuit of economic development to ensure a sound financial future.

Brown is the eldest child of Samuel I. and Remie Brown, grandson of Ed and Eleanor Brown. He grew up on the Viejas Indian Reservation and was born a hard worker, holding down a job during middle and high school. His various after school jobs included working for the Viejas owned Mar-Tar-Awa Campground, as a teacher’s aide for the Viejas Indian School, a dishwasher and a grocery clerk. Brown graduated Granite Hills High School in 1991. Soon after he attended Grossmont and Cuyamaca Community Colleges, transferring into SDSU where he earned a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in 1996.

While at SDSU, Brown tutored local Native American high school students in an after-school program. He also served two years as President of the Native American Student Alliance helping organize the SDSU Pow Wow and Native American Student Recruitment Conference. Brown’s father, Samuel I. Brown, held the same post 25 years prior.

Always believing in continuing education, Brown attended classes in Bird Singing, Business, Italian, Spanish, and Photography in his spare time. While back in school, he worked for the Interworks Institute designing equipment for the disabled, then Vernitron and Solar Turbines as a graduate intern. In 2001, Brown joined the teaching staff at DQ University where he taught Mathematics. In the summer of 2010, he began working in the Viejas Enterprises, Marketing and Project Development departments under the Viejas Internship Program learning valuable skills in casino and business operations.

Brown is the father of a 7 year-old daughter, Isabella, and enjoys spending all his spare time with her. His hobbies include snow skiing, running half marathons and working out. His daughter, who he taught to ski, is also an avid skier, often joining her father on trips.