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The Kumeyaay Way
Magazine, summer 2009


Please take a virtual tour of the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians, a sovereign government. This site provides a wealth of information about our 10,000 year history, customs, traditions, modern government and community, plus our business enterprises.

You will also gain an understanding of how – and why – the Viejas Band strives to build enduring economic security for our people. Plus, you will see how – in the tradition of our ancestors – we are deeply committed to sharing with the community, not only in San Diego, but also with our Kumeyaay brothers and sisters in Baja Norte.

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Viejas Tribal Council:
Chairman: John Christman
Vice Chairman: Victor E. Woods
Secretary: Rene Curo
Treasurer: Samuel Q. Brown

Adrian M. Brown
Gabriel T. TeSam, Jr.
Kevin M. Carrizosa

Viejas Tribal Office
1 Viejas Grade Road Alpine, California 91901
Office: (619) 445-3810 Fax: (619) 445-5337

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